Preacher Scott Jones and Family

Preacher Scott Jones along with his wife Katie and 5 children, Mckayla, Sophie, Jaxxon, Maddie, and Darcey, moved to Pflugerville in 2016 in hopes to plant a church and tell people about Jesus’s love and salvation. Calvary church of Henderson, Texas supported the Jone’s in their mission to do God’s work in “project Austin.” It was a challenging yet exciting first 2 years in Pflugerville. DiscipleLife church first met in a hotel with one other family that Katie met in the neighborhood. After this, they decided to have “house church” at their home. It has definitely been an adventure. God has led the way to meeting several families and many people accepting Jesus as their personal savior. Baptisms in a horse troth have become normal. The church became official on December 9th 2018. It will forever go into the DiscipleLife Church history. Although the house is now pretty cramped, the church still meets there with future plans to get a set location. God has truly blessed this church family.